About us

Our Op Shop started as a one-time sale in December 2017 and has since evolved into a well-loved community hub. We operate at 80 Railway Street Cottesloe five days a week, selling a wide range of items from designer wear to jewellery and bric-a-brac. What makes our store special is that we’re not just a place to shop, but instead a community.

From our monthly Saturday openings to organising special events like sustainable styling workshops, our store hosts special events that offers a space for us all to unite under a common goal: supporting sustainable fashion while raising funds to help Western Australians affected by cancer.

All proceeds help Solaris Cancer Care continue its work in our community.

About Solaris

Solaris Cancer Care is a WA charity established in 2001 that provides free support services to people affected by cancer, their carers and family through all stages of cancer. Solaris supports people through the physical, mental, emotional and social impacts of cancer and treatment in a range of ways including counselling, evidence-based complementary therapies, support groups, workshops, information services and more.

Solaris centres provide safe spaces for clients to access for support, community, or simply for a bit of quiet relaxation between stressful appointments.

If you or your loved one is affected by cancer, Solaris is here to support you. Please call 9384 3544, email support@solariscancercare.org.au or visit solariscancercare.org.au to find out more.

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